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Water Purification Tablets


Ef – Chlor 3.5 mg For 1 Litres Water

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Ef-Chlor, 1-2 L Water Purification Tablets, 3.5 Mg, White – Pack of 100

Nadcc Tablets Contain 60% Chlorine With An Effervescent Additive That Reduces Chlorine Taste And Makes The Product Safe From Possible Overdose. (Chlorine Dissapates In 30 Minutes)

  • Kills 100% Of Bacteria And All Known Viruses. Eliminates Need To Boil Water Or Rotate Stored Water.
  • Used By Disaster Relief Agencies World-Wide
  • 3 Years Manufactured Warranty
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Water Purification Tablets

Ef-chlor (NaDCC tablet) is a broad spectrum fast acting sanitizer and water sterilizer, rapidly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Total spectrum of activity i. E. Effective against hydrophilic viruses, gram positive & gram negative bacteria, fungi mould, yeast, myco plasmas & protozoa. Applications: drinking water purification hospital disinfection baby bottle sterilizing janitorial cleaning food and catering fruit and vegetable disinfection poultry for fast treatment of water for: emergency and disaster travel and camping household peace keeping/defence forces marine application disinfection of water system municipal water supplies advantages: recommended by leading infection control experts worldwide. Effective against virtually all known bacteria, viruses and spores. Safe to handle and store. Compact storage and transport reducing transport costs. Economic and accurate – no under or overdosing. Greater biocidal effect – the rapid release of hocl encouraging fast biocidal activity forming clear disinfecting solution. More environmentally friendly than alternative disinfectants. Fast dissolving and ready to use quickly. Stable tablets with 3-year shelf life. Available in a wide selection of Water Purification tablet strengths. Resistant to organic spoilage.


Water Purification Tablets

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