Ef Chlor Disinfection Tablets

Ef Chlor water disinfection tablets

  • ✔️Water Purification Tablets
  • ✔️Shelf Life & Warranty: 3 Years
  • ✔️Tablet dissolves in less than 5 minutes

Water Disinfection Tablets

  • Makes Water Sterile, Safe, Disinfected, Germfree & Pure quickly for Drinking and Hygiene Applications. Ensures safety & prevents all communicable water-borne diseases & illnesses like Typhoid, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Cholera, Jaundice, Gastroenteritis, etc. Leaves no unpleasant taste, smell/odour in water. Stable in Water for 48 Hours.
  • Use to sterilize all baby feeding bottles and keep your baby safe from dust, viruses and bacteria
  • Easy to use, no steaming, no boiling, portable packing travel-friendly
  • Multi-purpose disinfects the surface and high efficacy solution which lasts 24 hours
  • Hygiene, safe and modern way for cold sterilization, while boiling toxic carcinogens are released which are harmful for your baby’s health. This method is cold sterilization and is 100% safe and effective

A fast, safe, and modern way for cold sterilization. Babies are born with a weak immune system. To protect them from harmful microbes you must sterilize your baby’s feeding accessories regularly. Ef-Chlor effervescent tablets for cold sterilization provide a modern, safe, and effective method for sterilizing baby feeding items and maintaining the hygiene of your home. The active ingredient and recipients are the same as those used for drinking water purification tablets. In high concentrations, they are used for sterilization in clinics and hospitals as well. The recipients are food grade and do not leave harmful residues in the water and are hence environment-friendly. Ef-Chlor effervescent tablets dissolve quickly, act fast, and are effective against almost all known Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses, and Fungi.

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