Water Purification Tablets

Ef – Chlor 33 mg For 8 Litres Water

Ef-Chlor Water Cleaning Tablets and Filtration Tablets Each Tablet for 5 L Water, 33 mg, Pack of 100 Tablets, 3 Years Shelf Life

Water Cleaning Tablets

 1 Tablet purifies 5 Liters Water + 3 Years Shelf Life + Formulation

Kills 100% Bacteria, Viruses And Eliminates Need Of Boiling Water. It Purifies Grounded, Muddy Water And Rainwater.

Kills 100% Bacteria, Viruses And Eliminates Need Of Boiling Water. It Purifies Grounded Muddy Water And Rainwater.

For Emergency Use With Clouded/ Muddy/surface/open Wells Water- 5ppm

Contains 60% Chlorine With An Effervescent Additive That Reduces Chlorine Taste And Makes The Product Safe From Overdose (Chlorine Dissipates In 30 Minutes )

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to purify water for drinking on-the-go? Do you need a portable solution to keep your drinking water safe and potable on that next outdoor adventure?

Are you admiring how water Cleaning tablets can likely save your life in an emergency situation?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE! water Cleaning tablets are brand of point-of-use water treatment description that are regularly used by people in all field activities who must get drinking water from untreated sources. They are intensely convenient since they can actually fit in your front pocket! water Cleaning tablets were mainly advanced as military necessities that are incorporated in the soldier’s pocket on the canteen pouch. These purification tablets serve as relevant elements to an specific first aid kit or group first aid kits and medical supplies that are usually assigned for army operations or disaster relief programs.

Water Cleaning Tablets

During the old days, range water treatment was very basic; soldiers only used clothes to drain out water impurities and then boil the water for a few minutes. This way proved to be happy in stopping numerous waterborne illnesses, however, it correspondingly compelled the military to focus their attention on their water for a weighty period of time. Using fire also risked disclose a soldier’s location to their adversary. Thus, analyst and purification specialists determined to study better alternatives to compensate with such an enormous setback and soon advanced today’s water Cleaning tablets

It agitates to know that tens of millions of people are extremely affected by water-related diseases when numerous of which are simply preventable. You see, drinking contaminated water is not just contaminated – it is deadly. In the present time, water purification pills are commonly advised for emergencies that involve treatment of water. These tablets effectively kill micro-organisms in the water to prevent most waterborne diseases. Given the ambition of water tablets, these are perfectly accorded to be used by campers, backpackers and several other outdoor addicts around the globe.

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