Guardh Bleach Tablets – Jar of 5 Tablets

About the product

  • 25% extra bleach tablets compared to other leading brands
  • Multipurpose bleach cleaner – Laundry, Bathroom floor/tiles, Toilet, and general-purpose cleaning
  • This bleach tablet dissolves quickly – Fast, easy, and economical
  • Quality jar with child-resistant cap – retains long lasting effectiveness
  • Cheaper than other forms of bleach – liquid bleach, bleach crystals, or bleach packets

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

GuardH Bleach Tablets are for multipurpose use
For laundry use (only for white clothes): use one tablet for single load of white clothes to bleach. use 2 tablets for heavy and dirty loads. Drop a tablet in the washer before starting the cycle and wait for the tablet to dissolve first. Alternatively, dissolve one tablet in 3/4th cup of water and put this solution your washing machine dispenser, then press the start button on adding clothes
For cleaning the washing machine: Put 2 tablets in the dispenser/washer without any clothes in the machine start the cycle on a hot water mode
For the cleaning the bathroom floor/tiles/bathtub: use the solution for mopping the floor and cleaning the stains on the tiles and bathtub
For Cleaning the toilet seat: Drop the tablet in the flush tank and wait for 10 minutes to dissolve, then flush for removing bad case of tough stain removal-Drop a tablet in the toilet pot and wait for few minutes. Clean the pot with a brush and soap if needed for removing stains. Flush before use and before cleaning the pot. We take quality of our products seriously.

The quality testing starts from procurement ensuring top grade raw material, testing at every stage of product development, and final child-proof packaged bottle. Our goal is to provide quality products at a reasonable price.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Using bleach in the laundry room aids detergents in the removal of soil and stains

White clothing tends to get a bit dingy and lose its brightness after a while. Bleaching your whites can help maintain or bring back a brighter white. You can usually just add bleach directly into a cycle of your washing machine. However, if you are cleaning delicates, then you’ll probably need to hand wash them with bleach in a basin or sink. Bleach can even be used to fade or add designs to your clothing.


A bleach rinse with every flush! Guardh Bleach Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner kills 99.9% of household germs in toilet bowl water, flush after flush. To sanitize, clean and deodorize, simply drop the tablet in your tank and let it do its work. Each tablet sanitizes the toilet bowl water in 5 minutes for up to 2 months and cleans and deodorizes for up to 3 months. Effective for 10 flushes per day and does not harm septic tanks. For a cleaner, fresher toilet, flush with Guardh Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.


Guardh Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner repels tough hard water, mineral and limestone stains, preventing buildup, making deep cleans easier and keeping your bowl looking sparkling and bright.


Easy-to-use tablet that kills 99.9% of household bacteria* 


Sanitize your toilet with every flush.Guardh   Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner kills 99.9 percent of the household bacteria that populate your toilet bowl and Toilet Bowl Water.

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