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Ef – Chlor 8.68 gm For 2500 Litres Water

Ef Chlor  Pool Chlorine Tablets

Owning a pool comes with its share of fun and responsibility. On one hand, you get to swim whenever you want. You can enjoy a cool, refreshing dip in the Summer, or heat up the water for a warm and cozy swim in the Fall.  And a pool is the perfect spot for get-togethers, and spending time with family and friends.

But, if you want to actually enjoy your pool, then you have to keep it clean right? Because no one wants to swim in a dirty backyard pond.

So that means skimming the water, scrubbing the walls, vacuuming the floor, cleaning the filter, and so on. In other words, keeping your water visibly clean. But that still leaves the other side of pool care…

Pool Chlorine Tablets

You want the water in your swimming pool to be clean and safe using the best products at the lowest price, and so do we. Ef Chlor chlorine tabs are made in the USA using a vastly superior manufacturing process that condenses tablets more, so they disperse active ingredients more consistently every day and remain effective longer, saving you even more money. Plus, our superior tabs emit less odor, that’s right! Our high quality chlorine is stronger with LESS odor, because greater tab compression seals the chlorine in place!

Each individually-wrapped tablet contains a full 8 ounces with 99% pure available stabilized chlorine with NO fillers! That’s the strongest concentration available to stop bacteria and algae growth in its tracks. Built-in UV inhibitor resists harmful UV rays to maintain consistent, desirable chlorine levels even on the sunniest of days.

For safety and convenience, Ef Chlor tabs are shipped in a locked, easy-open bucket, the industry’s best. Spend up to 50% less than competitors with Ef Chlor fresh, pure, uncontaminated pool chlorine tabs at a volume discount price.

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