Baby Bottle Sterilizer

For disinfecting soaking dish cloths, pet dishes, or for wiping all space in your kitchen/bathroom surfaces etc.:

Dissolve 2 Tablets in 5 litres of water.
Wash down surfaces with the solution as required and leave the surfaces to air dry or alternatively dry with paper towels.

For disinfecting equipment (such as vending machine, coffee-making machine, etc.):


Baby Bottle Sterilizer

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Babies are born with a weak immune system. To protect them from harmful microbes you must sterilise your baby’s feeding accessories regularly.

Ef-Chlor effervescent tablets for cold sterilisation provide a modern, safe, and effective method for sterilising baby feeding items and maintaining the hygiene of your home. The active ingredient and excipients are the same as those used for drinking water purification tablets . In high concentrations they are used for sterilisation in clinics and hospitals as well. The excipients are food grade and do not leave harmful residues in the water and are hence environment friendly.

Ef-Chlor effervescent tablets dissolve quickly, act fast, and are effective against almost all known Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses, and Fungi.

Surfaces, dishes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this tablet disinfect and sterilise the Cleaning Your baby bottle at the same time?
    Yes. Baby bottles are disinfected as well as sterilised bottles when they are submerged in Ef-Chlor solution.
  2. In what ways is this tablet better to use as compared to the conventional method of boiling the bottles in water?
    Harmful compounds can be generated during the process of boiling the plastic bottles. Ef-Chlor solution provides a way for cold sterilisation which avoids heating plastics altogether.
  3. Can I use this tablet for any other purpose at home?
    Yes, it can be used to clean the surface of kitchen or floors for disinfection. See Other Uses.
  4. Can I rinse the bottle with regular water instead of boiled water after removing it from the solution before using it?
    Just ensure that the water used for rinsing is not contaminated. Using cool boiled water for rinsing reduces the risk of contamination.
  5. How long will the bottle stay sterile and safe to use?
    The bottles are safe to use as per your convenience if they are rinsed after taking out of the solution and are kept dry and away from contamination.
  6. How many times can I use this solution?
    The solution retains its potency for up to 48 hours from its preparation. You can use reuse it as many times as you want.
  7. Can we reuse this solution as a floor cleaner or kitchen spray?
    Yes. Just keep it out of the reach of children.
  8. Till what age should a baby’s bottle be sterilised?
    We recommend that you always sterilize your baby’s bottles as long as your baby uses it –regardless of age.
  9. Are the chemicals present in these tablets harmful?
    The chemicals present in this tablet are only harmful when ingested. Once you rinse the bottle with regular drinking water all chemicals will be gone. Please refer package instructions or the precautions section of this website for more details.


Product Details

  • Packing: 64 tablets
  • Active Ingredient: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (INN: Sodium Troclosene, Troclosenum Natricum, SDIC, or NaDCC)
  • Food Grade Excipients

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